Nachi History

Origin of Corporate Name "Fujikoshi"

NACHI-FUJIKOSHI CORP. was founded in the city of Toyama in 1928. Kohki Imura, the founder, named the company FUJIKOSHI in order to give concrete expression to his creed that self-sufficiency in machine tool supply is indispensable to Japan's economic prosperity. The first two characters which read "Fuji" were picked from the Buddhist scriptures. A passage in the scriptures says "Justice and injustice appear to be different things. The truth is that they are "Fuji" (not two). They are one and the same". In other words, the true comprehension of objects is attainable only through penetrating observation from high above, ignoring the superficial appearances of such objects. The third Chinese character which reads "Koshi" has the same pronunciation as "koshi" which means the general area along the Japan Sea since olden days.

Origin of Trademark "Nachi"

The NACHI brand name comes from "KUMANO-NACHI-TAISHA," the Grand Shrine, that is of origin of Japan. It expresses strong entrepreneurial will.

In 1929 the Emperor Showa made a tour of Kansai district to inspect industries as part of the encouragement of domestic production, and personally inspected a FUJIKOSHI hacksaw blade that was on display as an example of an outstanding domestic product at the Osaka Prefectural Office.

Overjoyed at the honor of entertaining the Emperor's special attention, the product was named "NACHI" after the name of the latest naval cruiser to be made in Japan, the very same vessel that the emperor was sailing on for his tour.

Nachi America Corporate Headquarters - Greenwood, Indiana


  • Administration Offices for Nachi America Inc.
  • Nachi Technology Inc. - Manufacturing of Automotive Bearings (subsidiary of Nachi America Inc.)
  • Nachi Tool America Inc. - Broach & Cutting Tool Grinding
  • Nachi Technical Center - Bearing Engineering & Lab
  • Sales Offices and Warehousing for:
  • Bearing Group, Cutting Tool Group, Machine Tool Group, Hydraulic Group, Materials Group


  • 1962 - Established sales offices in New York.
  • 1972 - Began local production of robots in USA.
  • 1984 - Entered into the market of ultra-precision machining equipment. Received PM (Productive Maintenance) Award.
  • 1987 - Founded Nachi Technical Center in Indiana.
  • 1988 - Founded Nachi Technology Inc. in Indiana.
  • 1989 - Founded Nachi Robotic Systems Inc., headquartered in Novi, Michigan.
  • 1991 - Acquired National Broach & Machine Co. (brand name Red Ring). Received Deming Implementation Award.
  • 1995 - All divisions obtained ISO 9001 certification between 1995 and 1997.
  • 2009 - Founded Nachi Tool America Inc. and established US headquarters. in Greenwood, Indiana.