NACHI’s cutting tools, industrial robots and bearings are important contributions in the global automotive sector.

Well-known automotive manufacturers rely on NACHI's broaches. NACHI's drills, taps and end mills optimize the economic production of components for drives, chassis, and vehicle bodies.

  • Robotics

    NACHI's industrial robots support the welding, lacquering, and assembling operations in the automotive industry all over the world.

    A comprehensive portfolio of industrial robots with payloads of 1 to 1000kg and reaches of 300 to 3900mm is available for the automation of production and assembly in the automotive sector. In particular, the 6-axis compact robots MZ01 to MZ25, care for highest flexible operation. Thanks to their compact design, they are universally suited not only for loading/unloading machine tools, but also for joining and assembling components and modules. They are able to handle payloads from 1 to 25kg, and have reaches of 300 to 1882mm. The hollow wrist and the intelligent wiring have proved to be particularly advantageous for collision-free working. For other tasks, such as spot and seam welding, or lifting and positioning heavy components, NACHI offers many other proven industrial robots.

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  • Bearings

    NACHI’s bearings are used in the production of engines, constant velocity joints, steering units, and gearboxes. Thanks to outstanding bearing developments, NACHI has achieved a leading market position in the automotive field.

    NACHI is also a world leader with their sealed, double-row angular contact ball bearings for air conditioning units. Here, the sealed, double-row angular contact ball bearings convince with high temperature resistance and a long service life.

    For universal joints and wheel bearings, the pre-assembled roller bearing units ensure simple installation and permanently precise guidance and bearing under high loads.

    Moreover, self-aligning roller bearings have proved themselves in steering units, and high-load ball bearings with special cages exhibit an extremely long service life in automatic and manual gearboxes.

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  • Broaching/Gear Tools

    Broaching is one of NACHI's core competences. In the demanding field of turbine discs manufacturing, NACHI is recognized as market leader for Fir-tree broaches. In addition, NACHI is world leader in the production of helical broaching tools. In Japan, NACHI runs the world's largest production line for broaches. Well-known automakers rely on NACHI's broaching tools.

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  • Cuttings Tools

    NACHI offers a wide range of drills, taps and end mills for all materials used by automotive manufacturers, such as carbon and alloy steels, cast iron, aluminium, and plastics. For example, the twisted drills Aquadrill EX Oil-Hole deep-hole with internal cooling channels serve for the economical production of crankshafts and engine blocks.

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